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In 1993, with an educational background in engineering and practical work experience in both construction and project estimation, Don Schnetzer was primed to take on field preparation and layout for American Line Striping, his family’s pavement marking business.


  • In fewer than five years of assisting in the daily operations of both line striping and stencil creation and maintenance, Don was promoted to vice president of the company, where he assumed additional management responsibilities, including project management and customer relations, and set the goal of expanding the business to better serve the needs of his customers.
  • In 1999, Don took full ownership and responsibility of American Line Striping, and realized his business expansion goal by adding traffic signage and wheel stop installation to his services. American Line Striping & Signage was born.
  • In the 24 subsequent years, Don and American Line Striping & Signage have been striping, signing, and bumpering in Eastern Pennsylvania as well as Central and Southern New Jersey, working in cooperation with various contractors, municipalities, property managers and condo associations, as well as with private owners themselves.

American Line Striping & Signage has taken pride in every on-site line striping, post-mounted signage, and wheel stop installation job.

Utilizing the most technologically advanced equipment and the highest quality materials, American Line Striping & Signage ensures each project meets the highest standards required by the ADA and the MUTCD, as well the regulations set forth by PennDOT and NJDOT. A fully-insured company with a reputation for reliability, flexibility, and excellent workmanship, American Line Striping & Signage brings to every job experienced professionals with the capabilities and vision to fulfill clients’ project desires efficiently and expertly.

Donald Schnetzer

Chief Estimator/Project Manager

After 24 years in the line striping and signage industry, Don’s vision is to continue to provide excellent service to his clients. While his company’s expertise lies in new parking lot layouts, he feels American Line Striping & Signage equally excels in re-striping projects. He is proud of the extensive striping, stencil, signage, and wheel stop inventory American Line Striping & Signage offers, and is pleased to also offer custom stencil and signage to his customers.

Don hopes to continue to excel in customer service and as a company leader, and toward these efforts attended the seminar “Relentless Leadership: an Emerging Leader’s Boot Camp” at the 2017 National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN.

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Rob Drager

Site Foreman

Following 11 years of experience in the paving industry working both on parking lots and roadways, Rob made the natural and seamless transition to the line striping, signage, and bumper field. Since joining American Line Striping & Signage in February of 2016, Rob has brought his knowledge of lots and roadways and utilized his background in paving to numerous striping, bumpering, and signage jobs.

With the goal of mastering this field, he recently attended three seminars at the 2017 National Pavement Expo in Nashville, TN, including “Parking Lot Layout and Striping Basics,” “How to Stripe the Tough Jobs,” and “Improving Striping Productivity Using Today’s Technology.” He looks forward to providing premium line striping, bumpering, and signage service to American Line Striping & Signage clients.

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