American Line Striping & Signage offers exceptional line striping and signage services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania, and in Hunterdon, Burlington, Camden, Ocean, Monmouth, and Mercer Counties in New Jersey.

Service Areas

American Line Striping & Signage offers exceptional line striping and signage services in Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, and in Hunterdon, Burlington, Camden, Ocean, Monmouth, and Mercer counties in NJ.

Line Striping

Painted markings that will become a permanent part of your company’s facility speak volumes, as they are usually one of the first impressions of the organization a visitor sees. American Line Striping & Signage brings decades of experience to every job.


Outdoors or indoors, proper signage can be crucial to keeping your company compliant and reducing property hazards.

Wheel Stops

Also known as bumpers, wheel stops are devices that ensure vehicles stop at a particular location while parking. They are installed to prevent damage to landscape, buildings, curbs, and sidewalks.

Commercial, Residential, Industrial

• Industrial parks, Trucking companies, and Manufacturing Plants
• Malls and Retail Shopping Centers
• Residential Developments
• Airports
• Restaurants
• Schools and Churches
• Nursing Homes, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Doctors’ Offices
• Car and Motorcycle Dealerships
• Country Clubs
• Funeral Homes
• Banks
• Fire and EMS Facilities

Also known as pavement marking, line striping serves to delineate parking areas and facilitate safe navigation within parking lots. American Line Striping & Signage exclusively uses Graco and Titan airless striping units featuring the most advanced technology for the sharpest lines and most precise application of reflective glass beading.

New Parking Lot Layout/Line Striping Services

Specializing in new lot layouts, American Line Striping & Signage strives for excellence in executing a well-planned, expertly-marked parking lot that meets all ADA requirements. American Line Striping & Signage utilizes state-of-the-art equipment for the utmost in line clarity and durability, and uses only premium, undiluted paint for superior coverage and long-lasting effect.

Parking Lot Re-Striping Services

To remedy faded pavement markings or to bring an existing parking lot into accordance with ADA directives, American Line Striping & Signage provides quality re-striping services. Knowledgeable, highly-trained experts can ensure your re-striped lot avoids line bleed-through. The result: a re-vamped parking lot featuring clear, clean lines that is compliant with ADA standards.

Stencil Services

American Line Striping & Signage offers an array of stencil pavement markings, and has the resources to produce specialty and customized stencils. From parking indicators and handicap markers to traffic guides and unique stencils, American Line Striping & Signage provides quality stenciled images to suit your company’s parking lot needs.

Other Services

Beyond parking lot line striping, American Line Striping & Signage offers the following line striping services:

  • Warehouse Line Striping—Long-lasting line striping for safety lines, product staging areas, and more
  • Air Fields—Taxiway and apron pavement markings for local and military airfields
  • Preformed Thermoplastic Application—Supremely long-wearing pre-formed Thermoplastic lines, letters, and symbols for lots, airfields, and roadways

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Appropriate signage facilitates a safe, orderly, and functional parking lot. American Line Striping & Signage offers top-quality signs that meet MUTCD guidelines as well as both PennDOT and NJDOT requirements.

Standard and Custom Signage

Whatever your signage requirement, American Line Striping & Signage has the inventory and know-how to fulfill your needs:

  • Traffic Signs, Regulatory Signs, and Warning Signs
  • Upscale Decorative Signs, such as Hanover Lantern, Brandon Industries, and Howard Industries
  • Custom Signage unique to your company or facility

Installation and Repair

Whether you’re in need of new signage installation or the repair, straightening, or replacement of existing traffic signs, American Line Striping & Signage possesses the quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to get the job done. Expert installation guarantees DOT standards will be met.

  • Post-mounted Regulatory, Warning, and Street Name Signs
  • Post-mounted Decorative Signs

Wheel Stops

Also known as car stops or parking bumpers, wheel stops act both as parking guides for customers and as barriers between vehicles and buildings, sidewalks, or landscaping. Achieve parking safety at a great price by choosing durable wheel stops from American Line Striping & Signage.

Options and Installation

American Line Striping & Signage supplies and installs three varieties of wheel stops, including:

  1. Concrete – 6’, 7’, & 8’ lengths
    • Painting Services available for concrete wheel stops
  2. Recycled Rubber – 6’ long, available in the following colors:
    • Black with white, yellow, or blue reflective stripes
    • Solid gray, yellow, blue, or white
  3. Recycled Plastic – 6’ long, available in the following colors: