Frequently Asked Questions


Below are answers to questions we frequently receive about line striping (including ADA compliance) and signage services. If your question does not appear below or the answer is not satisfactory, please contact us.

Do you dilute your paint before applying it? 

  • Never. The paint is ready to apply directly out of the container. Some stripers may dilute their paints to increase their coverage rates and reduce their paint expenses. Our philosophy is that the paint is a small percentage of the overall cost of a job and the customer gets a finished product that lasts much longer with un-diluted paint.

How long will it last? 

  • It depends on the job. If the striping is being applied on new asphalt for the first time, it will last between 1 and 3 years depending on traffic. If it is being applied over existing striping, then it will last 4 to 6 years.

What if I want to sealcoat my parking lot first, then stripe using a different layout?

  • I would suggest that we come out before the sealcoating is done and blackout all striping that is changing. The reason for this is that sealers don’t adhere to paint as well as they do to the asphalt. So, in time, as the sealer wears/weathers off of the old lines, you will see the blackout and not the old white, yellow, or blue markings. This avoids the confusion between the old and new layout markings and double imprints commonly seen after sealcoating.

I was contacted by my local authorities about needing to update my parking lot to meet ADA requirements and/or fire lane requirements. Is that something you can help me with?

  • Absolutely! We have the knowledge and experience to bring your parking lot into compliance with the governing authorities.

Can you install new signs as well as repair, straighten, and replace existing traffic signs?

  • Yes, we can. We have the equipment and materials to accommodate any of your signage needs. We can provide all standard regulatory and warning signs as well as custom signage to meet your requirements.

I would like to repave or sealcoat my lot before I have it striped. Can you recommend someone?

  • For many years,we have worked behind several different paving and sealcoating contractors, and would be happy to share the names of the best ones with you.

How many years of experience do you have in the Striping and Signage industry?

  • American Line’s top team member has been in the Pavement Marking & Signage Industry since 1993.

How do I schedule an appointment for an estimate? 

  • Simply call our office at (215) 534-1324 to schedule a free estimate.