Whether from road construction, sewer maintenance, or pavement resurfacing, the tops of manhole covers or water-access lids can become largely separated from the grade of the road. As a result, the transition from the road surface to the tops of the manhole covers or water-access lids can be a hazard to pedestrians. Additionally, it can cause great damage to vehicles and snowplows–and even ruin the equipment.
American Line Striping & Signage has developed a line of manhole protection rings (MPRs) to solve this problem.  They come in handy for manhole/valve box castings that stick up just enough for snow plow blades to catch on. By smoothing out this rough transition, the transition between the pavement surface and the cover or lid is seamless.  These manhole protection rings are made the following way:
  • The construction is a durable preformed thermoplastic material.
  • The manhole protection rings come in three widths.
  • They are designed to be staggered to build up the thickness, as necessary.
  • They are available in different diameters to accommodate various sized castings.

This image shows one of American Line Striping & Signage’s manhole protection rings that was installed for a local client.